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Mug - AlyMedia // 2019
AlyMedia is a creative digital agency focused on growing online businesses
and their conversion rates.​​​​​​​
The mug is intended to promote AlyMedia's new tagline for 2019:
Online is the spirit. With passion is the way we do it.

Personalizing the mug also involved using a custom orange color on
the mug's inside and handle.
AlyMedia is based in Bucharest, Romania and provides a wide range of
web solutions which go well beyond simple websites, and they are
one of my loyal clients.
As a Christmas gift for AlyMedia, we have also sent a personalized color changing mug to their general director David Gaucan, who is also founder
and owner of StartUP Founders Club.
The mug features the SFC logo and a large imprint of their tagline:
Learn. Grow. Achieve.
Client quote: It's very very cool! Good job!
Timestamp: December 2018
Mug - AlyMedia // 2019