Errol Thompson, better known as The Kemist, is a Jamaican-American DJ, producer, recording artist and songwriter, based in Kingston, Jamaica.

His music mixes a wide rande of elements from reggae, dancehall, trap,
hip hop, dubstep, hardstyle and moombahton music.
The brand manual for The Kemist also entails how to not use the logo in future digital and print products.
The Kemist needed a fresh logo for his music persona, that would capture both his name and his original style in a timeless mark.

The idea contoured here presents a hypothetical element in the periodic table - Ke (119) - that uses the symbol of Kelvinum (157), a provisional theoretical element known in the scientific literature as unpentseptium.
The Ke (119) idea came out as the winning one from a proposal sent to
The Kemist in October 2018, which included other 2 logo ideas.
Client quote: The periodic table idea is dope! Very fresh and solid. Thanks again!
Timestamp: October 2018
Logo - The Kemist