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NKE University Architecture Competition
PROJECT NKE University Specialised Learning Center, Dorms and Fire Station Architecture Competition
YEAR 2018
ARCHITECT Tímea Deichler, Daniel Jakab
Visualization Bence Falussy

This design competition is part of the development of the home of the University of Public Service, the Ludovika campus. The design, worthy of the purpose of the university and the buildings of the campus shows a clear picture. The design of the mass is distinct, strong, which is mellowed by its relationship with its environment. It is placed on the north-west side of the Orczy Gardens, opposite the ELTE Botanical Garden, and the relationship with the former fundamentally defines the building. Its placement, its design creates a connection between the two parks both physically and visually, while the building itself is in harmony with both parks.​​​​​​​

NKE University Architecture Competition