Retroduck Q
the Unique wireless charging station

Retroduck Q is a quick wireless charger which is a modern interpretation of an old TV we are familiar with. Retroduck Q’s reminiscence design and proven technology will make your smartphone even more special.

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You don’t need to remove the phone case. And double-protect your smartphone with anti-slip pad.
Carmine Red. Dim Gray. Mono White. Retro-chic style added to three refined colors. Are you looking for a simple design suitable anywhere? Are you waiting for fun designs that is different from others? The answer is right here. Retroduck Q will enlighten your mundane space attractively.
Retroduck Q is a stylish and convenient fast wireless charger that instantly transforms your smartphone into a retro-style television, game station and outdoor theater - depending on your needs - freeing your hands and allowing you to focus on your screen.

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