Motion Graphics Trends for 2019
Winter is coming… We couldn’t withstand the temptation of staring this post with the well-known phrase. There are two reasons for doing so. The first one is that this statement is actually true. The coldest season is about to start. The second one is that winter equals to Christmas holidays, end-of-the-year reviews and New Year resolutions. This is just the right time to come up with suggestions and predictions of what will be work best for your business promotion. Being big fans of motion graphics, we bank on it and are ready to highlight the major design patterns and trends.
01. Highly Complex VFX
Explosions, natural catastrophes, dinosaurs, and transformers... Such scenes cannot be shot in real life but, thanks to visual effects, we can see them in movies or commercials.

Combining existing footage with a computer-generated imagery, VFX motion graphics can take viewers to another dimension where everything is possible. No wonder it becomes so popular.

A motion design with highly complex VFX is spectacular and fascinating. The magic happens because you’re no longer able to distinguish live-action from digital animation. It’s a hybrid of technology and artistry that grants viewers an exclusive visual experience. Hurry up if it wasn’t included in your marketing campaign. This is the trend you cannot overlook.
02. 3D Everywhere
Being a new frontier of motion graphics, the 3D design is really everywhere and will continue to grow in popularity the next year. Combining animation, sound, and video, 3D opens up greater opportunities for showcasing almost unbelievable scenes designers previously couldn’t display.

We can see 3D shapes everywhere: in game design, marketing campaigns and sales presentations. It’s simply impossible to imagine motion graphics of 2019 without this trend. This is a new and robust communication tool able to highlight top product or service benefits in an extremely impactful manner. Possessing characteristic of a highly captivating and convincing medium, 3D can bring to life presentations, vivify commercials and product shots.
Will we see more 3D motion graphics throughout 2018 in all industries? Definitely.
Project: Oil  Author: VINICIUS COSTA.
03. Mix of 2D & 3D Graphics
We spoke about this trend back in 2017. Mixing 2D and 3D can remarkably enhance any storytelling with more lifelike images. That’s why it was growing so trendy at the end of 2017. And that’s why its popularity will only intensify in 2019.

Design ninjas continue to test new approaches and work on a spectacular combination of 2D and 3D graphics. As a proof, we can observe a variety of new examples not only in commercials and big budget shots but in digital ads and marketing as well. And it’s not surprising. 3D graphics design itself can be quite expensive while plain 2D animation doesn’t always comply with the message. A clever blend of both equips your marketing strategy with a visually appealing graphics at an affordable cost.
There are several approaches to mixing 2D and 3D elements:
     - Overlays of 2D images with live action or 3D footage.
     - 2D overlays with match-moving.
     - Combination of 2D hand-drawn elements with live action footage.
     - Merging of 2D and 3D images.
Let’s wait and see which of the approaches will take the leading position in 2019.
04. Colorful Color Palettes
Color greatly influences any storytelling. It can double emotional impact, clarify motivation or set the right mood. So, how to choose the best colors for your story? The answer is to opt for a colorful color palette in 2019.

Your design must stand out and bright bold colors rule the digital design world right now. Remember that color is also a form of brand expression. The motion graphics color palette for the forthcoming year inspires positivity.

Don’t be afraid to utilize its visual power to make your animation look fresh and zesty.
Project: BBC Two  Author: Kijek / Adamski
05. Animated Logos
Every upcoming year pushes the limits of logo design. 2019 will continue to follow this tendency. Companies strive to market their offers in the digital space putting the major focus on social media and expecting more from logo designs.

Animated logo design is a super hot new trend that will proceed to evolve throughout 2019. The eye-catching magic of things that move is now actively used in logo motion animation making the letters warp, rearrange, expand, transform, hide and reveal, rotate, etc.

For sure we’re going to witness other logo animation after effects able to pop up in interesting ways and captivate user attention.

Try to use this trend in your next design endeavor to create something unique and distinctive for your brand.
Project: Pet Cloud  Author: Maksim Marakhovskyi
Project: LinkedIN  Author: Ihor Karas
Project: OK  Author: Eduard Mykhailov
06. Retro Motion Graphics
Retro style makes a comeback serving as a source of inspiration for graphic designers.
Retro motion graphics is what will help you get noticed in 2019. If you’ll be brave enough to combine it with VFX as in the examples below, your audience will keep coming back hungry for other fascinating experiments.

Some may assume that retro design is outdated and unattractive. Of course, it presents a completely different style compared to modern design, and this is where the key benefits hide. Especially for retro motion design.

Such an unexpected combination proved to be very popular among designers and business owners. Retro effects in motion look cool, they awake nostalgic memories and are able to attract a far broader range of audience than expected. Why not to try it the next year?
07. Motion graphics in Web & Apps
It’s Time to Get Moving!
Now when you get the idea about what trends are going to rule the motion graphics world in 2019, we hope you are feeling inspired to explore a new way of showcasing your brand.
Do not forget to use the comments section to ask questions or share your own motion graphic predictions for 2019.
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Motion Graphics Trends for 2019

Motion Graphics Trends for 2019

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