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    Documental photographs showing the photographers travels through some parts of Eastern and Western Europe, Australia and Asia.
He told himself all over again, "I will wander this earth".
His belief was strong, and this consumed him. He allowed it to rule himself, and he did not fight back.
He hungered for it, and slowly he was taken away by this lust.
Temporary settlements, atmospheres outside his comfort zone; alien worlds, beautiful people, strange words; skin as diverse as a painter's palette; gifts for the tongue and stomach that only dreams could create. Midnight adventures that had lights soared over his head while others were all but a blurry collection of figures moving around him; bliss, endless merrymaking and stories that rendered a party talking until dawn.
His eyes wandered all over, his senses tried to memorize the sensations it was feeling.
The lust, this hunger, it was satiated, but it he can feel it again, it has begun to consume him once more.
        Michael Vincent Manalo