Sci-fi Matte Paintings close-ups and walkthroughs
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    Here are some of my last 2D matte paintings I did with some close-ups and walkthrough to get much deeper into details.
I had the extreme privilege to visit a refinery a couple of months ago and with the exceptional authorisation of the Refinery of Grandpuits in France I had this plate, and couldn't resist turning it into a sci-fi matte painting.
I assure you, the visit was just awesome, I know I know a refinery is not the glamourous place ever but it is just another world. You feel like being in a gloomy scene from Blade Runner movie, with steam, pipes everywhere, noise, and oil smells. I went around 35m up the ground just exactly where the two aliens are. Kind of creepy he he...!
Hope you will like it, this is mostly 2D for I pushed further my painting skills. Basically only the main spaceships have been modelled in Zbrush but postworked quite a lot.
The Gates
Original shot from Saint Jean De Luz in France South West Coast.
This is a matte painting from a traditional beach sight with a cool sun down I shot last summer and an obvious central focal point with quite symmetrical lines, which I really liked to turn it into something sci-fi but keeping the actual boats to make them comtemporary compared to the futuristic buildings. No spaceship this time, I really focused on the buildings.
It is quite Dylan cole inspired even if I dont have his talent but I learnt a lot from him and his 2D techniques for matte. Very few 3D here, just the arches for basic shapes. All the rest is painting.
Here is the walkthrough of the Gates
Winter Spleen
A traditional 2D matte painting made from three different plates shot by my father above the Alps. No spaceships this time but sorts of insects flying around with a dramatic stormy weather coming around.
Original plates are mine, clouds are stocks and painting. Buildings are completely painted, no texture at all. No 3D elements as well.
Hope you'll like it!
Thx for your support. A close-up version below
Landing At Wadi-Rum
Serving The Luminarium XXth Exhibit ADVENTURE
Exploring a new planet, the crew arrived around a deserted place where people built hightech buildings to fight against heat and isolation. The crew discovered an amazing land recalling them of a place on Earth called Wadi-Rum in Jordan.
Original Plate from the desert of Wadi Rum in Jordan