T-13S Project Concept Arts 2017
Concept Art illustration for my personal Project called "T-13S" with sci-fi environments and back stories. 2017
This is an iteration of a previous concept I did for this personal project called "Transborder66" 
I really pushed it further and changed the ship design. 
Backstory: "Huge ships from mechanical nation called Transborders come regularly to collect 
XYZ Neuro-District
First concept art for 2017 from my personal project T-13S and going on with Rebel side on a place where all the knowledge are stored called the XYZ Neuro-District. Beware of this district with a lot of hidden weapons and high security level. 
The Half-man
Personal Project T-13S 
Backstory: "Due to severe mutilations after battles against the Mecha Nation, and less and less soldiers capable to fight, the Rebels developed weapons to adapt directly to the handicaped soldier who gets plugged-in to the mecha and thus would replace his missing legs in this case."
Back To The Turbine Headquarter
Another concept art for my personal project called T-13S 
Back story: "Human rebels have started to overcome the Mecha nation and took back some of the infrastructures the mecha invaders built upon the former human society. Some troops are getting back there and are entering this gigantic turbine to join their underground headquarter."
Scars Of A Past Generation
Back story: "Nature took back what the numerous wars stole for decades, peace and relief. The scars from a past generation, from fierce battles are still visible just like this ship but it is part of a whole ecosystem."