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    An exercise in refining technique and practicing environments. (But really, I just wanted to draw that tree)
I am...one huge appreciator of twisty trees, cabins, and natural gradients.  For this landscape assignment I decided to go full out and satisfy all of those cravings in one go. Birds, stones, you know. 
This was to be a series of three, so I scribbled quite an array of thumbnails to start out with.  I was most excited about the top-left composition, a sort of Lovecraftian environment created by transporting some driftwood into the middle of a field and surrounding it with headstones. 
This is one of those where I already had the color scheme in mind before the first sketch, but I explored a couple other options anyway.  I'll have to return to the leftmost comp sometime in the future!
I'd consider this one of my most successful media experiments, and through it I think I've found my calling- at least for a little while.  Unlike a lot of my other pieces, this one is only watercolor and colored pencil, a bit of a mashup of both in multiple layers on hot press watercolor paper.