Hello, Behance! To start things off, here's a selection of sketchbook pieces and scribbles from the past year or so. I always enjoy the process of doodling and I hope to be able to capture the same sort of spontaneity in my finished work someday. Ideally I'll make a sketchbook post every coupla months, but we'll see!
Sucks to be a bas relief when Grin is around to tell you about the other side of the building.
Tapirs.  That is all.
Scribbled after a long day at the zoo.  I dearly wish I could remember the context of that speech bubble.
Just mucking around with a ballpoint pen!
Three peoples from an antelope alien race without a name.
This one came out of NOWHERE.  S'just...suddenly there were two blue snapping turtles in my sketchbook within an hour.  If only all art happened this way!
Aardvarks, aardvarks everywhere!  An unappreciated evolutionary dead end, I say.
A bunch of fellas with visual cues taken from my classmates.
We were told to draw folks around campus.  I tried.
Troll ladies are a bit of a Thing on my corner of Tumblr, so I had to join in the fun.
And lastly, one truly ancient character of mine.  He never, ever looks the same twice.