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    Student project for a campaign to increase recycling on campus.
A student project to create an advertising campaign to encourage a behavioral change that will make college kids take more effort to recycle, and to not throw recyclables into general use trashcans.

In my study, I came to the conclusion that a simple twist of the body of 90˚ could create worlds of difference. Students often throw trash away with their eyes facing forward and adjacent to the cans. If people just turned 90˚ and paused to recognize which can was which, an immeasurable amount of environmental impact could start. It just takes a turn to save the world.
Collateral included: Two social media accounts, Buttons/Stickers/Floor Vinyls, three posters, one t-shirt.
Budget: Next to none
Easter egg idea: I originally wanted to incorporate privacy screens on the collateral, mostly the poster. The idea would be that something on the floor would prompt people to align themselves to something on the wall that was at a 90º angle. To get a better idea of what I meant, check out http://www.zagg.com/accessories/zagg-privacy-screen-protector.php and imagine that being utilized on top of a poster.
Working through options for how to represent the idea of 90˚, both as a turn and mathematically.
For a frame of reference for the posters, watch this short clip. The idea behind them was to utilize the technology of privacy screens to create much more dynamic and engaging poster designs, forcing people to turn 90º to acquire the message.
Buttons, stickers, and floor vinyl considerations. Quaint and concise with a bit of pep.
Turn around and start recycling today