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    Branding guideline for the fictional high-speed train Levrail.

For this semester-long project, I was tasked to do the branding for a fictional train company. The train was able to travel between D.C. and California in less than five hours and I was allowed to choose any demographic. I chose to make my company geared towards high-performance business clients. For the logo, colors, and styling, I chose to blend the elements of high-speed and technological sophistication with the confident stability of a great business.

The company's tagline (seen at the end of the book) is "Redefining 'first'." Levrail's ultimate goal is to not only be the fastest mode of transportation possible, but to also be the most efficient, most capable, and most luxurious, way to get from A to B. Levrail's goal is to redefine the conception that to be great in one aspect is to suffer at another – some companies can be great in all regards.