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    Freedom and Creativity
Freedom and creativity
Playbuild was developed in order to get the most from a simple object that stimulates children creativity and dexterity. We can approximate this result to claim that less is more, since the circular parts are modules that depending on their location can create numerous structures. Depending on the user, buildings can achieve different dimensions for the use of more or less modules.
To add movement to the game was applied:  one elastic with a sphere that is articulated with the structure and will allow you to perform launches of another ball that is not tied to the elastic. As the structure can be very diverse the angles created by the elastic range also influence the release of the ball.
Suggestion: one target can be used (one ball or any other element selected) and with different Playbuilds kids create different buildings that facilitate reaching the target. When the winner hits the target he could win a modular part and increase the structure.
Due to its wide range of options, Playbuild doesn’t assume a specific set of rules and presents itself as a game where the different users (children and parents) can create their own rules to the game. In a later stage of use, information about different and possible applications may be exchanged.