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    Digital Scroll
The old and the new

Duringcenturies Man has kept a great part of his information in writings. These survivedalong time and allowed the distribution and consequent development of knowledge.

Thetechnological advances we face today opened new possibilities and also newresponsibilities for all of us. One of the good potentials we achieved thru thisdevelopment is the capacity of gather a great quantity of information withlittle recourses.
Rollpen conceptwas developed in order to participate in the competition “Design the perfectpen” promoted by Marksman. It has intent to highlight a new possibility in thedevelopment of handwriting solutions, where users can personalize their own pen(possibility to gather information digitally and also the possibility toinstall software add-ons). This way a new experience will be available for thembut also new possibilities will arise for the ones involved in the developmentof add-ons applications.

It´s ergonomicfunctional system (digital scroll) as a relation with the old roll-of-papyrus (whichthe Egyptians use in some of their writings) and allows users to intuitivelyaccess the information by the rotation of the top part associated with thepressure in the lateral sensors.

The finalresult is the characterization of (possible) future handwriting solutions assymbols of information/knowledge where it´s possible to produce outputs in theordinary way (writings) and at the same time save important data in itsinternal memory. This new dimension allows handwriting elements to adaptthemselves to the upcoming needs where sharing is becoming more and more important.