Linoleum print. Those of you who are experienced printmakers will notice right away the flaw in this print. I forgot to cut the image out in reverse so that it would print in a readable fashion. It's a rookie mistake, and despite having done several linoleum prints before this, I still made it.
However, instead of calling it ruined, I simply reversed the title of the piece as well, and it works.
Soft ground texture lift type print. This one turned out extremely well for a first time print. I used a watch face and the small hand of a clock, a gear, and a maple leaf for the objects in the piece, and two selections from a sample wallpaper book.
This was my first ever print using a zinc plate. Certainly not my best or favorite print, though I do see the potential for this particular type of print, though I can't recall the name of the technique at the moment.
This was my first hard line etch print.