Summer 2012 - Pool Sign
I made this sign for the pool I work at during the summers, because the sign used the previous year didn't stand out from the others and was largely ignored by our visitors, The new sign was a bit more successful since it stood out from all the text only posted information around it.
Fall 2012 - Blackbird Pies (Partial Logo/Graphic for business card)
The mother of someone I know had recently ordered business cards and requested that the card maker design a logo for it. The results were rather amateurish with just a clip art image of a blackbird on the card. I asked what she had wanted in the logo and proceeded to design something based on the input she gave me. (She wanted there to be a pie, a black bird, and a red fork.)  This is the latest version of what I came up with. In the end she ended up going with he cards she had already paid for to avoid the hassle of printing new ones. Whenever she runs out however, she could get cards made using this graphic.
Fall 2012 - Baby Shower Invitation
One of my mother's coworkers was having a baby and they were going to throw her a sports themed baby shower. My mother found an invitation she liked on the internet and asked me to make something similar in appearance, so I made this over the next day or so. It was simple, and the most time consuming aspect was probably making the baseball and football objects.