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SAIL LABS - Design and Marketing

More than 40 videos has been produced. Some of then you can find them on SAIL LABS' YouTube Channel.
All the content, images and web, were designed.

Please, feel free to visit the SAIL LABS Social Media channels:

Usually, the stand builders just need the draft distribution. In other occasions, I had to design the complete booth with C4D including all the print graphics for the walls. These are just an example of some booths in the events that we participated around the world.

I was involve organizing and covering the EUROSINT events from the photography and videos to the social media communications.

The SAIL LABS system requires constant development and improvement. I collaborate hand by hand with the developers and IT team to create state of the art sistems:
- Media Mining Client, MMC desktop: App to instal in Laptops and Desktops PC.
- MMC Web: Application to run in any browser or device.
- Decission Maker Interface, DMI: App to be run on tablets or Desktops

Also I took care about the icons design, backgrounds, charging icons, splash images, login menus...

If you are more interested about the interactivity you can check the video:

SAIL LABS - Design and Marketing

SAIL LABS - Design and Marketing