A compilation of projects from 2017

Client: Rubrik Cloud Data Management Company
Producer: Gleb Kuznetsov

Rubrik Alta
June, 2017

The one that started it all. Two weeks total turnaround time, but the actual production (after the storyboard and photomatic (animatic made using storyboards and references) were approved and pre-payment was received) took 4 days - about 80 hours straight, no sleep, solo (all alone); plus, a day after, to update/fix some titles as per client request. 
Almost exclusively After Effects and Red Giant/Trapcode plugins (due to time constraints), aside from a few OBJs made in Cinema4D and a couple of shots done using Superluminal Stardust and Rowbyte Plexus.​​​​​​​

VMworld loops
August, 2017

Loops made for LED screens for the VMworld exhibition.


Rubrik Polaris
December, 2017

Some of the clips made for Rubrik Polaris introduction video. The full edit wasn't mine (there was a lot of stock video inserts), so I'm only putting out some GFX with placeholder audio.
Also about two weeks, only this time relaxed)
Thanks for watching! :)