This was my entry for the Art Vision Classic contest held during the International Circle of Light 2015 festival, that took place in Moscow, Russia in October, 2015. It is also my most ambitious project to date (based on the hours of sleep ... or lack of it thereof), and one of my personal favorites, done all by myself, when I thought I had some free time (ha... I wish)) 
Music -  Zack Hemsey ("Mind Heist: The Birth Of An Idea")
Sound Design - Boris Alexandrov
Official video from festival organizers:
From youtube user vkatmandu (no tripod, apparently, but 4K and better colors):

PDF presentation of the idea that got the whole thing started
Teaser (for the jury), that got me into the finale. Made way before the geometry had been finished and rendered in basially draft quality with just a tiny bit of compositing, to sell the idea:

Some stills:

Some early Octane sketches (had to switch the render in the end, because at the time there was no Octane farm available for rent):

A very, very early test, made in part for fun, in part to test the base form and concept, before I'd received the approval to use the amazing music by Zack Hemsey -

Thanks for watching! :)