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  • In early 2011 we completed a successful series of projects where I led UX and Design teams to re-imagine the Meego operating system for netbooks and tablets in conjunction with Intel's UK user experience group.
    Subsequently, we were then invited to be a part of their forthcoming Tizen mobile OS initiative and commissioned to create 48 original apps for the new platform within three months. The apps were to be used as open source building blocks apps for other developers and needed to be fully free of licensed content or APIs.
    I assembled a top team of talent starting with a rock star UX Lead–Tyesha Snow–to guide the team's daily progress. Sheryl Maloney was hired on as the Production/Technology Director and the three of us hand-picked a dozen super talented UX practitioners, designers, art directors, front-end developers and sound artists to concept and build the apps. I affectionately dubbed them 'The App Factory' and supervised the creative design output and group ideation sessions.
    The final apps visible at the Tizen Developer Site.
  • Productivity Apps Samples:
  • vizualize your stock portfolio
    search creative-commons licensed media
    master your todo list
  • search across multiple video services
  • Games and Entertainment App Samples:
  • connect distant celebrities
    download or play free audio books 
    play a synthesizer
    get wordy
  • Children's Games App Samples:
  • math with scurvy dogs and rocket ships
    learn how to tell time
  • Credits:
    Creative/Strategy Director: Daniel T Wood
    UX/Strategy Lead: Tyesha Snow
    Production/Tech Director: Sheryl Maloney
    Account Director: Reggie Wideman
    UX: Derek Keevil, Marie Suplido
    Designer/Developer: Eric Curtis
    Designer/Illustrator: Garrett Milojevich, Eric Riegert, Sam Vogt, Jenn Rouse, Ryan Garber
    Designer: John Bohls, Kim Ponto, Christine Ellsworth, Katie Pederson, Makenna Combs
    Production Designer: Matt Dabrowiak
    Sound Designer: Grant Harold
    Audio Producer: Mimi Danh