Big Reboot Cause-Based Social Campaign – Toshiba/Intel
The Big Reboot
The Big Reboot was a national social campaign that celebrated local small businesses and their fans. Six $10k Technology Makeovers were awarded to stand-out business that best aligned with a monthly theme and received online community support.
The Big Reboot evolved from a "Spare Change" campaign concept (by Reggie Wideman) and was rooted in contrasting the ridiculous spectacle of Black Monday mobs with a rallying cry to drive consumers to contribute to their community. 
My role was to organize the goals of three disparate brands and create a program strategy that would be disruptive enough to garner attention, reward participants, support the community, and *softly* sell Intel-infused laptops from Toshiba sold at Staples. The initial approaches concentrated in highlighting non-profits and extracting user-generated nomination videos from the community.
Early Program Flow
Revised Program Flow
Early campaign design and flow highlighting the PC Match tool that was being developed for other initiatives and how to tie the effort to a favorite non-profit.
Final Strategy and Program Design
Our client/s decided to refocus the program from non-profits to local small businesses during the late stages of the planning. Strategy is often times about charting the course between where you want to be to where you are now. This whiteboard illustrates my thinking of how to architect the program to satisfy the many stakeholders, target users, small business community and sponsors. The cursory wireframs and game design architecture formed the foundation for the promotion, campaign, and contest rules. 
Initial user flows were identified, social authentication platforms were vetted and exclusive 'daily deal' offerings were created to drive repeat visits. My efforts were quickly handed over to our tech team for vetting and our UX Lead (Tyesha Snow) who dived deep into the details and ultimately built out The Big Reboot experience.

From there, I consulted with the Account and Legal teams on drafting the contest rules (and judging criteria) and then worked an internal developer (Jason Chaney) to build a custom judging application to streamline the process complete with sliding scales, the 'weighting' of various criteria and automatically surfacing the top contestants.
Final art for mobile and desktop experiences:
Measurement Strategy
My final contribution involved outlining success benchmarks with our clients, ensuring that we had both the tags and monitoring tools in-place to measure the program's success and rolling-up trends in weekly Scorecards. I worked with the media teams weekly to refine and reassign media dollars based upon the quality of the traffic that was being delivered. At the end of each of the six phases I presented recommendations for exploiting positive trends, campaign and media refinement opportunities and general campaign performance assessment.
Early Creative Directions
Once the small business focus was identified, Ted Zahn led the creative teams to visualize three of his concept directions.
Concept A
Concept B
Concept C
Experience Strategy /Gamification Logic and UX Consulting / Measurement: Daniel T Wood
Account Strategy: Reggie Wideman
Creative Director: Ted Zahn
UX Design/Strategy: Tyesha Snow
Art Direction: Mark McCarthy
Design: Jenn Rouse, Kim Ponto, Jason Harris
Illustration: Jenn Rouse
Development: Bryan Fox (Upstart Labs), Jason Chaney, Jason Harris
Community Management: Jala Smith-Huys
Account Director: Jana Spear, Kelly Rose
Production Director: Sheryl Maloney
Producer: Lauren Krzyzynski
Media: KSL Media
PR: Access PR
Client: Toshiba/Intel/Staples
Agency: tenfour

Big Reboot Cause-Based Social Campaign – Toshiba/Intel

Big Reboot Cause-Based Social Campaign – Toshiba/Intel

A social uplift campaign for small businesses that provided both visibility and technology prizes for the winners from Toshiba, Intel and Staples Read more
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