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    Setting a new standard of elegance and sophistication
The Crane & Co. 2012 Catalog marked a clear departure from the company’s traditional design styles to set a new standard of elegance and sophistication for the brand.
The products in the catalog stand out as every spread of the entire catalog was custom-designed to provide a unique experience with each turn of the page. The layouts were designed around the content, not force-fit within a standard template—a more common cost-cutting route we didn’t want to take. Throughout the catalog, photographic and typographic callouts showcase the different printing and handcrafted processes that make Crane & Co. products stand stand apart from their competitors.
Category Spreads
A total of eleven category spreads were created depicting retail merchandising display scenes. From card ‘bouquet’ arrangements to card mobiles that replicate a child’s nursery, photographic still life’s were composited utilizing simple illustrative sketched lines depicting a contextual environment, as if drawn on top an actual Crane paper. Each of these spreads inspire and guide storeowners to create settings like these for their own stores that draw their consumers’ attention in unique and innovative ways.