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    A promotional piece promoting the protection of British bumble bees
A self-written brief using the word 'Post' as a starting point, from which I chose to create a campaign to educate the public about the dangers of a 'Post-bee' world.
Bumblebee numbers in Britain have fallen dramatically in recent years, which could spell disaster`, as they are the largest pollinating insects in the UK. They are also responsible for the production of over a third of our food sources and save the economy millions of pounds every year through natural pollination.
My response includes a promotional package, which contains the seeds of 'bee friendly' flowers. This can then be planted and grown by the recipient, to encourage bees into their gardens. These come in three different designs; each reflecting the consequences of a 'post-bee' world. These were available as part of an exhibition, and stood along side a series of fact cards, white cut out bees, and a range of cut out exhibition posters. 
Leaf images courtesy of illustrator, Katie Keith.