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    A versatile modern day wartime memorial, centred around the city of Plymouth, Devon.
During the Second World War, Plymouth was one of the most heavily bombed cities in the UK. Its naval base made it a strong military target, and as such the majority of its city centre was completely destroyed.
Existing wartime memorials in the city are well established and traditional, however I felt there was a lack versatility and interaction between these and its audience.
I have therefore put together a commemorative memorial pack that considers these elements and seeks to provide its users with a physically interactive way of engaging with Plymouth’s wartime history.
Pack contains a walking tour, a commemorative publication, and a silk screen A2 poster
The first book provides its users with a walking tour of relevant buildings to Plymouth's wartime history.
The design seeks to bring history alive by providing its users with a historical background, together with a first hand wartime story, relevant to each site.
Users follow a route through the city, plotted by a local persons wartime experience. These are silk screened onto acetate in order for the print quality to become damaged as a visual representation of the destruction occurring throughout the city.
The second book can be kept as a lavish commemorative publication when flat, or stood open to be displayed as a versatile memorial.
It relates to the specific city through its own skyline, which has been silk screened with its wartime statistics and laser cut to create relevant buildings.
Stories from its community are expressed typographically on post cards and become visible through the die cut windows or when removed from the sleeves behind; a visual representation of my intent to place emphasis on the people behind the statistics. 
The pack also contains an A2 silk screened typographic poster of wartime statistics associated with the city and surrounding area.