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Yoshinoya 台灣吉野家官方網站改版設計 - Official Web Design

Yoshinoya 台灣吉野家官方網站 | Web Design​​​​​​​
The newly launched Yoshinoya official website has been redesigned and rebranded with a modern look and user experience. This project also covered planning for the food rephotographs to enhance the visual appeals of the restaurant environment, food, and products. We want to make sure the Yoshinoya photo looks as Yummy as it Tastes!

Design and Development:Irving Chen


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Yoshinoya 台灣吉野家官方網站改版設計 - Official Web Design


Yoshinoya 台灣吉野家官方網站改版設計 - Official Web Design

台灣吉野家官方網站改版,取代已停留十幾年前舊時的網頁設計,跟上現代網頁設計趨勢,無論從視覺上、使用者經驗上都徹底應用與執行。另外,也經過攝影計畫與討論,將餐廳的所有食物重新拍攝,讓食物的絕佳美味生動展現出來,令人看了就好餓! The newly launched Yoshinoya off Read More