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閣樓婚禮顧問 - 網站設計 Taipei Weddings - Web Design

閣樓婚禮顧問 - 形象網站設計改版
Taipei Weddings Corp - Web Design / WordPress Website
Taipei Weddings(閣樓婚禮顧問) is the market lead for wedding consultants. Their new website launched in January 2020 with updates to a fresher modern look and optimization for mobile viewing. The best part of this project is having active participation from the clients on the designs for the website. Through this collaborative process we have realized the clients desired designs to reality. I enjoy the working process and am very happy we did it together!
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閣樓婚禮顧問公司至今已成立十餘年提供高級訂製婚禮、私人派對策劃、海外婚禮顧問服務!團隊專業於婚禮設計、婚禮計劃、婚禮管理等,超過 20 年的經驗,閣樓婚顧是婚禮策劃領導品牌!維持數年不變的品牌官方網站,為跟上現代網頁設計與行動體驗優化,於 2020 年一月進行全新改版上線。更棒的是,跟客戶從一開始就共同參與這個專案,他們在設計的想法與支援對網站的品牌設計有相當大的幫助,最後以如此嶄新面貌登場!

Thank you for watching. Happy New Year 2020!

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閣樓婚禮顧問 - 網站設計 Taipei Weddings - Web Design


閣樓婚禮顧問 - 網站設計 Taipei Weddings - Web Design

Taipei Weddings(閣樓婚禮顧問) is the leading brand of wedding consultant! The brand's official website, which has remained unchanged for several years, Read More