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    Dating social network site.
Well this is a dating-social-network-kinda-thing. Supposed to enable users to create a profile, upload photos or integrate with instagram. One could either sign up with their facebook or (for the more shy/devious ones out there) one can create a new account. Cheers to random instagramers out there taking wonderful photos.
The cloud and sky is for the feeling you might feel when in love: like living and walking on clouds. 
Design inspired by british based designer Oykun (check out his Dribbble - some dope stuff!)

                                                                                Thanks for watching!
You'll get your "profile card" to check your matching with a person, based on interest and more. Go quickly through persons and then click on their profile card to see it flip around and show more detailed information. Like/flirt/poke that person with the heart and start a conversation to get more information. 
Image below shows the back of the profile card.
Website shows both when logged in (top header) and how the start page looks like when you ain't a user (as the "Register now" and "Sign in" buttons is displayed)
Active "Register now" button.
For the ones who are straight forward with where they are: you could connect and share your localization on the map. I'd guess that feature would come in handy for some buzzed people at night.