The Brand Story
Flud was initially created to give consumers a better way to find and share news. But upon exploration of this marketplace, a major gap was discovered. There was no good way to share content within a business or between working professionals. Intranets and e-mail just don’t empower people to share important information that might make a difference to the business. So together we set out to meet this need.
As their Agency of Record, this has been a very exciting process. We have used the pivot as an opportunity to build a comprehensive brand strategy. We thought a lot about the needs of our users. Then we built an appealing visual style that could be carried across a range of projects including identity design, enterprise platforms and marketing materials. That work can be seen here...
Introducing the Web App -
As an enterprise solution, the “new Flud” needed a platform that would work across all mediums including mobile, tablet and desktop. We were tasked both strategically and creatively with creating a new web platform that would compliment the mobile and tablet environment. Now users can truly access Flud at any time and from any device.  
From ideation to user experience and visual design, our digital team brought the web platform to life. The result is a web app that provides professionals, teams and employees with a central location to access news from various sources. Forget intranets and forwarded e-mails, now it is easy to share relevant information within a business or organization.
With the launch the new web portal, we’re excited to see Flud advance to the next level. And as we continue to work together, we’re looking forward to continuing to develop our relationship as strategic and design partners.
Compose a Story & Share Within the Stream
Influencer / User Profile
Find & Connect with Influencers / Other Users
Find & Add Your Favorite News Sources
The Share Modal
The Team - Erwin & Chris debating source navigation...
The Team - Andrew working on some UX
The Team - Arthur & Erwin working through the beta
The Team - Flud developer Adam Storr working on site at BASIC
The Process - Super rough wires and notes
The Process - Wires and notes regarding the new web app
The Team - Chris, Arthur and Andrew showing some love for the guys at Flud
When we launched the new Flud back in July of 2012 we introduced the enterprise solution to the press with this video. From there, we moved into designing and developing the web application you just viewed to provide users and companies with a more robust solution.