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adidas-team.com was designed to be a hub for newly developed sales collateral and product catalogs for the team sales channel. The goal was to literally take an open book approach for communicating new sales programs for field reps and team dealers while also serving as a communication device with outside customers. The road began with collaborative discussions with sales and internal departments to determine site content and userflow while adhering to strict brand guidelines. Although it lives on its own outside of the adidas flagship site, it was important that the DNA was reflective of adidas.com as much as possible.
The home design is very simple and easy to understand. The banner rotations have been calendared against an image development calendar to tie directly to sales initiatives throughout the year and will eventually feature products for sales and customers to focus on. Linking to adidas' miTeam consumer customization platform was an important feature to link to from the flagship adidas site. A product order deadline calendar was developed to help both sales and customers understand when the door closes for submitting orders for active sales programs. The Twitter feeds were a nice touch to show passerbys recent activity from officially licensed schools and universities.
The menu nav was designed to be clean and simple, and not to include any submenu upon submenu categories where the user experience is like going on a duck hunt! The "Current Catalog" page features the most recent published catalog. Each catalog initiative typically contains multiple sport categories. There is the option to download the entire catalog or only the sport of interest. Each of the downloads are formatted as optimized PDF allowing for efficient accessibility.
The "Archives" page contains previously posted catalogs where there's the option to download the entire catalog version, or as separated sport categories. Before the site went live, a large-scale effort took place in getting people access to hard copy catalogs. There was a print effort where tens of thousands of web-pressed catalogs were produced after the completion of each new catalog initiative. As one would imagine, this is a very costly endeavor. As the team customer-base expanded, limiting the number of hard copy catalogs was important to stay within the print budget. Although catalogs are still pressed, the online version of the catalog has replaced exhorbitant print costs. Year one since site launch reduced the print budget over $90k!
A major goal was to create visibility to a national sales force while also creating the opportunity for new customers to connect with someone in sales covering their territory. 3 simple options are available: An interactive territory map, a state drop down list, and sales contact information published below the map. By selecting a state on the map or using the drop down, a  pop-up dialog displays with sales contact info. A web mail form was developed for sending a message for follow-up. This feature continues to provide new sales leads and the potential of turning that lead into a profitable exchange.
An additional goal was to provide customers with more useful information. Many customers have frequently asked about product sizing information. Featuring this information on the site prevents lengthy phone calls with customer service. The "Links" page provides access to partner sites as well as access to general use sales forms. 
The "Quickpic" data field is an easy way to find out what a particular product looks like. Simply input a product identification number and click "Go". This function queries against an internal DAM system and displays both a product image and a product description in a pop-up dialog. The management of the dataflow behind the scenes of this simple tool is very complex. Although complex to manage, this feature creates transparency of products to adidas team customers.
An exclusive "Downloads" page was developed for accessing sales collateral and information not intended for the public. Once logged into this protected area, a "Downloads" option appears in the main menu providing access.