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    adidas-team image server
collateralfiles.com was created to provide quick and easy access to adidas team-specific product imagery to both internal and external customers. The challenge was to build a DAM solution that didn't fold into the cumbersome and costly existing DAM tool being administerd by a 3rd party vendor.
A simple, out-of-the-box secured site solution presented itself to be the perfect fit for customer needs. Admin functionality is graceful and non-confrontational for maintaining user accounts and permissions with minimal ease. A back-end image workflow was created for the posting of product and marketing imagery.
Although keyword tagging allows for quicker searches, the visual user also has the option to search through various directories in both list and thumbnail view. Each view option provides for an enlarged thumbnail when hovering over.
Imagery can be instantly downloaded either one at a time by double-clicking in thumbnail or list view, or multiple images can be downloaded at one time by using the file basket function.