R+V Insurance – Sitting Kills
R+V Insurance – Sitting Kills
Concept and Idea:

One of the most dangerous things in the world? Sitting down!
To prevent people from blood circulation disorders, heart attacks and other damage, the health insurance R+V wanted to take preventive measures. The problem: The damage caused from sitting too much cannot be compensated by occasional sports. The only way to prevent it, is to move more during everyday life.

The app and campaign motivates with a wink of an eye.
The humorous anti-hero: a chair that literally kills you if you do not move.
The app reacts to movement of the mobile phone user and tracks various data. If you sit too much or walk less then 300 steps, the chair will kill you.
Case film:
Character Design & Storyboard:
The team behind it:

Agency: WEFRA, Frankfurt, Germany
ECD: Patrick Ackmann
Digital Lead: Tim Böttiger, Marcus Sagitz
Group Head: Berend Lohmann
Digital Creative Director: Lars Kopp
Art Director: Kirsten Riedl, Ina Schult

Production Studio: Estúdio Pé Grande, Porto Alegre, Brasil
Direction: Gabriel Vedana & Felipe Galvão
Concept: Ricardo Andreis de Oliveira
Models: Lucas Falcão & Maurício Machado
Rig: Danilo Pinheiro
Layout: Gabriel Vedana & Felipe Galvão
Animation: Rodrigo Dutra, Jonathan Edward, Diego de Paula
Look/Dev: Victor Hugo & Ricardo Andreis
Post-Production: Gabriel Vedana & Felipe Galvão

R+V Insurance – Sitting Kills

R+V Insurance – Sitting Kills

Animations & mobile app, that tackle the damages too much sitting causes.