I come back with some illustration i did here and there ;)
Below is two illustrations about cities.
Each project  take a lot of time to built with very different view and opinions but all are so fun to do!
Hope you 'll enjoy it like i did.
This illustration is for Kizcity website which is focus on children playtime.
In very different purpose, this illustration for "New wave energy"- an advertising agency in Vietnam, about the toy /model city where the customer can see famous places of Hochiminh city, Vietnam.
                              Illustration of Kizcity
-I started with some sketches about houses and elements. The idea is making city like we always see in Sim game or building game, with Bank, Office,School, Stadium..v...v... something like that.
- Then we both agreed that  " maybe we should blend the shape a little bit, so the the overall felling will more cartoonist, more fun too"
- A bit "jumping" here, ha ha.
But after that, i did the sketch of a whole city base on the client composition. It is a very big picture. 
-Then i cut out all of them, for each buildings in seperate layers (for using later), adding the colors.
- Some is okay, some have to change because it look too resemble with the real house. That is the office one.
Then i have to kill it and built the new one.
- I did the line for all of them,  alot of merging mistake here!
- For lazy purpose, i did copy and paste trees and small houses.
 Sorry about it! tree are almost the same and it small here, anyway.
-Then, next is the colors for them " something bright and colorful" they said
- Sorry for the jumpping again, but it done. it is it! the bright one.
- Oh wait, that is not all!
After the work is done, i looked at it and changed things for my taste.
- And adding some details, which you can see below. ;)
Okay! It all done with this city for now.
I 'll do some more city, with hill and moutain, another time. ;)
                                                Illustration of small city
- The starting picture is from my friend Hoàng Nam Việt. a big credit on him here!
(the drawing featured Ben Thanh market and Notredame Church on Hochiminh city)
- They want to have illustration of model-city. it is small at first, but then they want it larger, i did the "larger" part ;)
-So i expand it larger on wide
- Then higher
-Because it is very big now. It is an okay. Then we will do the coloring.
- More clearer on colors.
- Adding more shadow and details here.
-In here, we go with the characters.
- Adding more details.and done!
i bet you don't see much different in each stage because the small picture, actually, it took me a lot of time.
Then i add some detail pictures below. ha ha!
Okay, it all done, i hope you have a funtime building these cities with me.
See you in my next projects. Thank a lot for the view.