Recently, i took part in an interesting workshop, which name: "ArtSoup"
This workshop run in 2 months, 2-3 days a week with a lot of assignment. 

We did 3 main project: 
"Warmup" is focus on ... warm up
"Faction war" focus on a moba kind of game like Dota2. 
"Disney heroes" focus on make a scifi Disney character.

I did use references from "Dota2" (for background, references), from "Alice in the wonderland" for inspiration and colors, PhuocQuan's backgound... for training purpose.
Below is my version of ArtSoup assignments.

ArtSoup were held by Thanh Lan Trinh and Phuoc Quan, 
which you can take part in here:
You can check the video here: