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Off The Wall

OFF THE WALL — Art of the Absurd

Humour is such an inextricable part of our being. In the right hands, it is a weapon, a balm, a tool to disarm – an effective means to help us forget how cruel and harsh our existence can be. However, what happens when this humour enters surreal or strange territory? Do delightfully twisted takes on reality make life’s bitter truths easier to swallow?
Brimming with cheerful colours, juxtaposed details and quirky characters, OFF THE WALL presents bizarre yet bemusing illustrations of dark humour that spin offbeat yet oddly familiar narratives that we can all empathise with. Through curated sound bites, a carefully edited showcase, and nostalgia-inducing comic strips, this book explores the enigmatic minds of 30 artists as they walk the fine line between being funny and unsettling.

Off The Wall