Bucky Lastard's "STUD" Designer Toy

Creation of a Designer Toy from concept thru 3d realization
I was commissioned by Bucky Lastard to create a 3d model of his new character, "Stud", that would serve as a master for molding and casting in resin. He provided me with a standard turn template which I used as a basis for creating a 3d model. I then submitted final geo to my 3d print contractor and received highly detailed 3d pieces that match perfectly with the computer generated version! These will next be used for generating silicon molds, which will be used for casting multiples in urethane resin.
The original turn blueprint used as modeling template
Lo-res poly model and smoothed results
First pass 3d render - note that hands have yet to be rigged and posed into final position
Final geo with texture map applied
3d turn table render
Pieces out of the 3d printer with support material ready to be cleaned off (3d print setup and production by Michael Gulen, photo courtesy Dave Gittleman)
Cleaned up 3d pieces ready for mold making!
Size comparison amongst popular brands ;)