Ancho Mexican grill, is a new food spot in Athens, Greece, a combination of Mexican street food and Californian burrito bars. After the success of the first store and the opening of a few more it was time to expand and make products available for home use. A series of imported Mexican goods of the highest quality such as a variety of peppers (from mild to dangerously hot), beans and various kits for homemade recipes. The packaging needed to reflect the quality of the products, have a consistent graphic language throughout but also be versatile to accommodate the needs of the different products and uses.

The main element of the packaging is an ever changing circle, formed of Mexican patterns and symbols, treated in a way that brings out an identical look and feel for the whole brand but at the same time giving the ability to differentiate between the different goods available. Different shapes and symbols forming the circle but also colour coding of the products create endless possibilities for an ever changing brand printed either in black or coloured versions.