Frank Blobel, Theo Kaufmann: I like learning! 100 Dictates 3/4 Class Adventure - Time Travel - Strange Worlds
Kids like to learn with these topics best. A completely new combination of expertise and learning aid on exciting topics.

With these topics children learn best! A completely new and unique combination of expertise and learning aid on exciting topics such as dinosaurs, pirates, and ancient Egypt. High-quality photos with fascinating facts invite you to browse and be amazed!
100 dictation exercise the most important educational issues such as words with strain h, words with ss and ß and capitalization - but they rely on the motivational subjects and make them fit in spelling
Shall make practicing fun!
For the Klett learning training series "So lerne ich am liebsten!" we cared about the layout and typesetting, the design specification came from the publisher. The corporate identity of Klett is in every work visible and decisive, this means that the design elements are becoming more similar to each product brand.
More information about the book and the whole series of "So lerne ich am liebsten!" is available at the Ernst Klett Verlag GmbH (