Julia Funk, Stefanie Schnier: The Hunger Games - The Social Network
Movies in english classes, teaching notes and templates
Swabianmedia realized ​for this title the layout, design and setting. The design specification was set by the publisher and concerns all titles of this series. Content and also the teacher handouts are in a piece of text that contains the teaching notes and divided with some templates for the students.
The Social Network and The Hunger Games are two very successful Hollywood productions that appeal to teenagers and young adults. This concise and flexible magazine includes the following topics:
The Social Network: Media and Society, Characterization and Media Awareness
The Hunger Games: The Individual and Society, Utopia and Dystopia and Media.
The motivating templates in this magazine, with references to classes that consist of pre-, while- and post-viewing activities are complemented by a test or exam per film.

More information about the book and the whole series of lesson books "Movies in English classes" is available at the Ernst Klett Verlag GmbH (https://www.klett.de/produkt/isbn/978-3-12-577474-2)