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I'm a professional comics artist and animator (Bachelor of Culture and Arts), I graduated from TUAS Turku Arts Academy from Film and media department's animation BA course in December 2018. I studied visual design and animation pre-production for an year from 2016 to 2017 in Falmouth University's Animation and Visual Effects course where I gained thorough skills and knowledge about visual design, concept art and character design in animation.

I aim for original, fun, quirky and appealing visual design and characters in my work. Creating surprising and humorous situations, stories, worlds and characters is my passion. I'm a versatile drawer and I can adapt to many styles and techniques which makes me an excellent visual designer, concept artist and illustrator.

Various animal designs, 2018. Pandas: ink line art and digital coloring. Penguin: digital art. Raccoon: watercolors. Bird: digital art.
Bear drawings, mixed media, 2018.
"Visitor", a personal project made with Photoshop CC and TVPaint, 2018. Background art without and with the characters. I wanted to make a test shot and style exploration for my concept idea. The animated clip can be seen here: https://vimeo.com/269164506
Postcard designs, digital art, 2018.
Postcard designs, 2018 and 2019.
Ink drawings, 2017.
Concept art made for various projects during pre-production module in Falmouth University, 2016. From left to right: Yellow submarine inspired group project, a llama drawn in woodcut style, concept art and style imitations for Snekula group project.
Concept art drawings about bird roommates, animated series idea, ink, markers, watercolor, 2016.
Ice cream cone gnome character design, digital art, 2018. On the right side: a character design and turnaroud for an adventurer girl, digital art, 2018.
I can imitate various art styles. My squirrel comic character drawn in different comic and animation styles.
Line art: ink and g-pen, pencil and black marker. Digital coloring. 2018.
Ink drawing on paper, 2018.
Sticker designs, 2018.
Pages from my comic zine Squirrel's Door Stories, 2018.
Kaarina Uimonen's visual design portfolio

Kaarina Uimonen's visual design portfolio

Visual design, illustration and concept art portfolio.