My animation showreel.
Postcard designs, 2018. Digital art.
Various animal designs with different techniques, 2017 and 2018.
Inktober drawings, 2017. Ink, brushes, g-pen on paper.
Concept art for Snekula group project, pre-production module, 2016 Falmouth University Animation & Visual Effects. 
Life drawings, 2017. Falmouth University's life drawing classes.
Frames from my second year animation short Tearjerk(er)+s, 2016.
Concept art for an animated or comic series idea with four birds as roommates. Made with ink, white pen and watercolors, 2016.
My puppet and props I made in the puppet animation module, 2016.
Comics. Walter Ego comic, 2015, ink and digital coloring. A page from my graphic novel Maski ja kummallinen kulkuri, 2013, ink and black color pencil.