Kunst.Stück 2015
The Kunst.Stück project was conceived with the 2014 vintage to celebrate the vine that best interprets the vintage with all its prayers and difficulties, a trend characterized by sun, wind and precipitation. A work of art of nature, a steady image, to which a limited edition, the same number of the production year, will be assigned in a limited edition. The coronation at kunst.stück 2015 went to a Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve. A vine native to Bordeaux, but now set in many wine areas of the world, and that has also found ideal conditions in the warm and sunny vineyards surrounding Lake Caldaro. Moreover, the average temperature that reigns during the vegetative period is identical to that of its original land of origin. In Caldaro, the Cabernet Sauvignon expresses an inimitable character, showing off an elegance that has no equal. Pampered by the Mediterranean sun, it is still a creature of the mountains, and in a year to say the least as exceptional as 2015, nature has exalted these qualities of the territory in a rare combination, worthy of a true work of art. For these reasons the theme chosen for the competition ideas of this edition is: "A world wine, from home in Caldaro".
Participant project
Fish Lake
Lake Caldaro is the natural reliever that creates the ideal climatic conditions for the vegetation of Cabernet Sauvignon and therefore one of the elements of primary importance for the final success of the wine. Through the graph of the average temperature and the fish perch i wanted to underline the importance of this peculiar aspect of the territory. After all the fish perch, like the Bordeaux vine, has found its ideal conditions in the lake and in the average temperature of Caldaro.
Illustration fish persh
Very widespread species in the lake of Caldaro
Average temperature chart
Vegetative period 2015 with axis x months and axis y hours
Printing Techniques
Phase 1
Pantone black 6
Phase 2
Phase 3
Pantone gold 871
Phase 4
Pantone silver 877
Phase 5
UV thickened screen printing
Phase 6
Hot gold laminate
Label assembly
Cabernet Sauvignon