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About De Kelderklasse Project

What is Kelderklasse?
'De Kelderklasse,' a term designed by the Dutch, stands for amateur football. Or as we say in England 'Sunday League.' The foundations of Kelderklasse are built around the players; young, old, unfit, unskilled... basically anyone with a love for football. Oh, the most important part of Kelderklasse; never take yourself too seriously! It's about the laughs, about meeting your mates and enjoying a few beers afterwards.

The Kelderklasse brand embodies the above characteristics. It's designed for the fans and players. Greens hint towards the football pitch and the logo is intentionally similar to a beermat, found in the bars after the game, where most of the players prefer to spend their time.

It's versatile, in the sense, there are multiple versions for light and dark environments. Perfect for home and away kits. And monochromatic variations, ready for engraving on the end of season trophy... even if they don't stand a chance of winning anything.

App Design
The concept of Kelderklasse is simple. It's powered by the fans, uploading their photos, videos and content with the aim of making their mates laugh, upsetting their rivals or showing off when skill meets sheer luck. You can access Kelderklasse through our Facebook page, website or apps.

The app's header is one of the main locations for the logo, we spent some time making sure that the small version aligns with the pixel grid. Making that crossbar pop a little bit more than usual. We also know the peak times for De Kelderklasse is when fans are in bed (or on the toilet), so the app's UI is dark by default. So you can have a laugh in peace without drawing too much attention to yourself and give your eyes a rest at the same time

It's not just the content that makes Kelderklasse entertaining, it's the reactions that come from the fans. We designed bespoke sticky reactions, encouraging more engagement. Whilst being entertained by the Kelderklasse app, the reactions are stuck to the bottom of the screen for easy access. Reactions use familiar emojis to offer 4 basic emotions: "haha," "Cool AF," "WTF" and anger.
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Kelderklasse, Sunday League Football, UX/UI & Branding

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Kelderklasse, Sunday League Football, UX/UI & Branding

'De Kelderklasse' a term designed by the Dutch, stands for amateur football. The brand hints towards beermats, found in the bars, where most of t Read More