Official Copa América App
Copa América Official App 
February 2015 - July 2015
The Official Copa América 2015 app brings together the news, videos (including highlights) and images on all the tournament teams, and for every game. The app has been created in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, tailored to the worldwide audience expected to watch the event.
The sports app categories are full of native rich experience apps, but our challenge was to build a hybrid app to complement the existing website to help the tournament organisers to reach a larger audience.
Navigation: Hub and spoke
Improving the burger menu and introducing the a better way to navigate content
Taking inspiration from Primer, the idea was to design the app around a native menu which would form the hub of our app and would allow the user to ground themselves in the app when they navigate through the web content.
Copa Cards
We needed to create a way for users to find the content from all the sub-sections in the responsive website menu in a more exploratory way than another menu list. The design team created a cards set for sections Venue, Teams and Matches which users can scroll through, select and use as quick-links to, for example, their favourite team.
The layout and information was inspired by Google Material Design and the navigation pattern was inspired by the native iOS multitasking menu.
Each card page follows a consistent design:
+ Lead image; a contextual high resolution image relating to the content.
+ Text information; a relevant stat or headline related to the content.
+ Button; a dedicated call to action to improve usability.
+ Circular icon; related to the card above it is a clickable image to move more quickly through the menu items
Bespoke Icons
To represent the various sections within the app we created a bespoke icon pack. The aim was to combine visual football laguage with standard menu options. The result has increased the personalised experience, which helped to engage our audience.
Native match component
Providing glances of the latest and most relevant information
The home page is the hub of our app, and to improve the user experience we included a match component so a user can get straight to the match related content. Depending on the time the app will offer only the most important match information at first glance; most recent last result, current live game, or nearest next game. 
Copa's Success and Analytics
Post tournament analytics
Even though the tournament was just over 3 weeks long in total, we managed to accumulate some impressive numbers:
1,025,461 unique users of both Android and iOS apps
53,739,801 page views
Keeping users engaged with the product and introducing South America to was a key objective. 
79% of users used app more than once
+ Of those users who do return:
     - 97% returned within a week
     - 52% visited more than once in a day 
We provided the app in 3 languages, English, Spanish and Portuguese. 
+ 72% Spanish language
+ 21% English language users
+ 7% Portuguese language users
* Stats taken 19th June 2015
Continued Success... all the way to the top!
Both the number 1 free app & number 1 sports app on the App Store

In the App Store the App has been No.1 overall in 8 countries, including Argentina, Chile and Colombia.
It has been the No.1 sports App in 23 countries which include Brazil and Spain. So far, the App has had a total of 695k downloads.
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Official Copa América App
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