Billow - The FirstBuild Smoker is a restaurant kitchen quality indoor smoker, designed by a former professional gastronomist. The Smoker is perfect for the culinarian in training, but is also geared for seasoned professionals with it’s intuitive controls, large chip drawer, and easy to clean interior. Large enough to fit a rump, yet precise enough to smoke the most delicate of items like cheese and fish. 

Load up the extra large chip drawer with your favorite wood chips, even wet chips, and the enclosed element beneath gently heats the chips. The Smoker envelopes your food in billows of smoke, coating and penetrating the exterior, leaving you with that robust smoke flavor. When you’re finished, the Smoker features a large drip pan, a concave floor and drain, and a large drip pan on the bottom for when you want to deep clean. Reminiscent of the black smokestacks of traditional smokers, the FirstBuild Smoker takes a modern approach to the design by incorporating brushed black stainless panels, a handle, and beautiful blush bronze accent and handles. It is guaranteed to make a bold, smokey statement at your next barbecue. 

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