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Neighbors Pub is a well known upbeat pub in Hamra, Beirut.
Neighbors locals range from University students to working adults,
which promotes unity among residents and non-residents of Beirut.

"Break the Wall" was an event which invites customers to bring their bats, pipes- to physically break a
wall down. This was done after smoking was banned in enclosed areas in Beirut. After the event, the outdoor area was
integrated with the indoor area allowing smokers to smoke and allowing everyone to feel the fresh air on the new outdoor patio.
Off course, on the night of the event there was security to prevent mis-treatment of the weapons.
The zone for wall breaking was well studied, and the spacing of furniture allowed for a safe environment and an
entertaining view of those destroying the wall. Those who attended had a great time, and champagne was served in celebration.
A casual recruitment poster, inspired by the 1940's time period. Original illustrations & concept.
Co - Founder Sleiman is the most down to earth person I know.
Co - Founder Elie knows how to have a good time.
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