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On to the good stuff!
Wall Decoration. The two waving figures are the mascots
included in the logo, brought to life. 2.5 x 1.2m Acrylic on styrofoam.
After a year of working, I was given the task of redecorating the whole venue, interior and exterior.
For those of you who do not know, Hype N Hop is an entertainment complex specialized in parties and events.
Most of our customers were kids and teens.

Outdoor decoration - felt tip markers + glow in the dark paint on wood
A large grimy monster in the process of creation for an epic Halloween party
And the grimy painting begins..
All that's left now is to touch it up with some paint, cut it into shape and apply a quality finish
The first stage of turning the store's big blue pillars into fish aquariums!
Snow white and horse pinup
More pinups in the process of creation for a fantasy ballroom theme party
Styrofoam items done for a Glow In The Dark party
More glow in the dark items created for use in party events
A birthday set: Pin ups incorporated with a background spread and balloons
More props and pinup work put up at an annual BIEL exhibition in Beirut.
The Hype N Hop section entrance at the BIEL exhibition.
Promotional poster I designed and executed to round up more guitar students.

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Click here for more details about my duties as an Art Director in Hype N Hop!