Abe Winterscheidt is a university student at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA.

As an author and photographer, he focuses on memoirs and The Nightstalker Saga in his writing, and specializes in astrophotography and nature photography when behind a camera.
After two years of scrupulous writing and editing, Abe has finally published the second book in his series The Nightstalker SagaAncients takes place five-hundred years after the events of Origins.

After spending centuries constructing the Black Realm, Mark, now known by his monicker "The Nightstalker", is sent out to hunt down a race of immortals who are hellbent on the destruction of the Universe. These Ancients are scattered across the universe hiding with some of the most powerful tools in the Universe. The Nightstalker must trek across the worlds, fighting supernatural weather, fabled beasts, corrupted demons, and sadistic gods in order to capture The Ancients.
The book cover for The Nightstalker Saga: Ancients features 9 differently colored gemstones faintly glowing in a circle, with squiggly characters floating around and inside of the gems - all of this on a kind of eerie background.

For ensuring the same aesthetic in The Nightstalker Saga series, typography and layout were consistent with the ones used for Origins.
The illustration has been created by Marta Dec, a talented editorial designer and digital artist based in Gdansk, Poland.

Both Marta and me were super excited to work together again on the 2nd volume of The Nightstalker Saga and we're looking forward to collaborate again in designing the covers of the series' upcoming volumes.
Client quote: Andrei, it looks fantastic! Thank you so much!
Timestamp: April 2018