This is a timeline cover for the company I am interning at. Being a festive period, I decided to create something that captures the mood as well as maintain some form of branding.
The christmas snowman from dry icons -  can be found here
Happy holidays wallpaper and vector - can be found here
I decided to extract the elements from the files above and blend them with some Christmas typography and an element of the company brand to create the timeline cover and the result is as below
With the growthhub logo being green, i decided to use it as the main color of the canvas as the one in the logo in order to bring in some form of relationship (apart from the text in the cover).
I wanted to bring in some realism and so I added effects to the text on the snow and snow mountain to look as if someone scribbled on them by hand, the way kids do during Christmas :)
As an added extra i also decided to add some Christmas feeling to the cover (company) logo :)
And this is how it looks on facebook
You can visit the page for yourself  by following this link
And that's it . A lot thanks for the authors of the resources used to create this project. Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year to you all.