Malaki - Dokha

We developed two product videos for Malaki showcasing the Dokha pipe and the Shisha. Both videos hinge on the diamond shaped logo of the brand. 
That very shape serves as a fil rouge throughout the various shots, narrating an alchemic exploration of light and darkness, smoke and mirrors delving into one of the most ancient rituals of making: smoking.


— Direction: Ditroit
— Creative Director: Salvatore Giunta
— Design: Salvatore Giunta, Matteo Nicoli
— Modeling: Giovanni Mauro, Riccardo Bancone
— Lighting and Shading: Claudio Gasparollo, Matteo Nicoli, Pietro Furbatto
— Animation: Matteo Nicoli, Vincenzo Memeo
— Simulation: Vincenzo Memeo, Jordie Pagès
— Editing: Matteo Nicoli
— Producer: Ada Korvafaj
— Audio: Smider

— Agency: AmpersandReale
— Creative Director: Jason Reale
— Client: Malaki

Malaki – Dokha