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甲骨文字 "Twelve constellations"
甲骨文字(Kōkotsumoji:Oracle bone script)
Twelve constellations were completed!
I wonder if people in 3000 years ago had a wish to find a beautiful constellation.​​​​​​​
星座「牡羊座」zodiac sign “Aries”.original character of 【羊:sheep】
From the shape of the head of the sheep, this kanji was established.
星座「牡牛座」zodiac sign “Taurus”.original character of 【牛:bull】
This kanji was completed from the shape of a horned cow.
星座「双子座」zodiac sign “Gemini”.original character of 【子.child】
This kanji was established from the baby 's big head and flexible limbs' hieroglyphics.
A pose that raises one hand and the other droop represents a prince. A normal child is drawn in a form to raise both hands.

星座「蟹座」zodiac sign “Cancer”.original character of 【蟹】(crab)
On the left side the head is big and expresses a grotesque goblin. The right side is a sword + the sky is empty + cow, it shows a ripping of a cow with a sword.
From the meaning of falling apart, a kanji meaning "crab" that the legs are immediately out of position has been established.
星座「獅子座」zodiac sign “Leo”.original character of 【獅(子):lion】
The beast whose ears set on the left side. Teacher with festival meat + banner on the right side. By docking, the beast teacher shows the lion.

星座「乙女座」zodiac sign “Virgo”.original character of 【娘:girl】
A woman who kneels with his hands piled on the right side + A tool for picking out only the particularly good ones from the grain on the left side. By combining it, a kanji called a good woman was established.
星座「天秤座」zodiac sign “Libra”.original character of 【秤:scales】
Cereals with eared heads floating + horizontally floating water plants. From there, a kanji meaning a tool to measure the weight of the grain has been established.

星座「蠍座」zodiac sign “Scorpio”.original character of 【蠍:scorpion】
The original kanji is “萬 (which means 10000 of the number)". It represents the shape of a scorpion. From growing up with many children hatching from eggs on their backs, it became a character pointing to “萬” as a numerical value higher than 1000.

星座「射手座」zodiac sign “Sagittarius”.original character of 【射:shoot】
Obvious! This kanji has been established from the shape that connects arrows to the bow.

星座「山羊座」zodiac sign “Capricorn”.original character of 【山羊:goat】
It expresses the kanji of the goat by the combination of the shape of the mountain and the head of the sheep.

星座「水瓶座」zodiac sign “Aquarius”.original character of 【瓶:bottle】
The form where the left side is a line connecting people and the right represents the pottery baked with clay kneading clay. With this combination, Kanji meaning "bottle" which made half of the same mold made together is established.

星座「魚座」zodiac sign “Pisces”.original character of 【魚:fish】
Icons created by ancient people! They accurately capture the shape of the fish vividly.
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甲骨文字 "Twelve constellations"

甲骨文字 "Twelve constellations"

A meditative and quiet Zen art. It expresses Zen space with the theme of ancient characters.